Hey Friends!

Greetings from me Haries, the developer of this web app. I started the project because I love playing RoX and to improve my data science/full stack development skills. I'm playing Whitesmith in Valk - Incense Pavillion and goes by the in game name of Harishko. The creation of this database was also inspired by romcodex as I'm always fascinated by it my playing-rom era.

As stated in the footer all of the images and contents related to Ragnarok X are copyrighted by Gravity Co. and Lee MyoungJin (Studio DDTS), so I don't own any copyright for those contents.

Currently, the web app is far from perfect but as the time goes I will add more contents to the web app to improve the data searching/browsing experience. In case you have any suggestions (things you want to see in the future) or just some report about bugs, you can contact me through my in game username Harishko or through my email hydrolizedmaltose@gmail.com.

Thank you I hope you're having a great day and enjoy playing our favorite game Ragnarok X!

Thanks List

I want to thank some of the people that I met on the internet for just giving feedbacks, reporting any bugs or any helps that were given during the creation of this web app.

- Zeelander, our Guild Leader in Valkyrie Incense Pavillion and the friend whom I talked to and discussed with regarding the data mining results.

- Hayride Tuba on Facebook for reporting the monster size bug.

- u/bakekong on Reddit for the drop rate feedback

- Thorriander on Email for the elite slot bug and missing monster final stats

Created by Mechanic ʜᴀʀɪꜱʜᴋᴏ (Incense Pavillion)
Ragnarok X: Next Generation related images and contents are copyrighted by Gravity Co. and Lee MyoungJin (Studio DDTS).