Char simulation Updates

Last March I posted the sneak peek of the thing called character simulation on RoX Global Facebook group and to my surprise the responses were positive. So what exactly is character simulation? Basically the idea comes from my own frustation on what to prioritize to improve first whether it's enchantment, refinement, upgrading or even maybe buying equipments, because collecting crystal is already hard enough (unless if you're a whale of course) so a good plan on what to do next definitely will help in efficiently improving the character. The problem with the current version of RoX is you can't do this thing so one wrong move (especially in buying equipment) will cost you in your progress (Good luck collecting those crystals again :') ). So that's where the idea came from.

So I spent some time learning some new stacks (React.js to create the interactive UI), data mining results that I got from extracting the game (how each information are connected to each other and what kind of stuffs that I need to build a character) and the formulas (stat conversion etc). After learning so, I started the project, basically doing database preparation, UI creation, the coding etc.

Here's a sneak peek of the current state of character simulation.

Char simulation preview one Char simulation preview one

Hopefully I can finish it soon (before the player base runs out :( ) or if not I can update you guys with the progress. Thanks everyone for visiting the web app and taking time to read this, enjoy playing our favorite game Ragnarok X, in case you have any feedbacks or etc, you can always contact me via

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